Wildfire Course

Our Wildfire Course focuses on teaching you how to work an area damaged by wildfires and the insurance claim process surrounding individual cases. This course covers everything from smoke damage to a total loss.

Wildfire Course


Monthly Membership

  • Course Intro
  • Policy Overview
  • Inspection Process
  • Damage Assessment
  • Estimating Tips
  • Fundamental Knowledge
    and more...


With the Wildfire Course, you will learn..


  • Policies - understanding different types, terminology, endorsements, pitfalls and more

  • Inspections - how to properly take photographs, measurements & create a detailed sketch. Visual observation, documentation & taking test samples.

  • Estimating - real world tips that work - some do's and don'ts to make your estimates better.

  • UPPA - avoiding it and properly staying in your lane.

  • What insurance companies want and expect from you.

  • How do deal with difficult adjusters and how to beat engineers.

  • When to retain a Hygienist.

  • When to use a PA or Attorney.

  • Increasing profits and so much more!

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